HyperX Caster

Official Launch February 2024

The HyperX Caster
Microphone and Camera Arm is a great piece of kit for streamers and content
creators. It is the first(4) microphone and camera arm to feature fully toolless
setup and operation, so you can skip the frustrating step of trying to hunt
down the right screwdriver or wrench when you just want to make a simple
adjustment. Get smooth, internal spring-assisted movement to position your
microphone or camera(1)
just where you want it. HyperX Caster won’t just keep your equipment in place,
the convenient built-in cable management will also keep your cables organized
and out of sight.

Tool-less mounting and adjustment

Mount and Adjust On-The-Fly

Never worry about keeping small tools or proprietary wrenches on-hand! Caster is the first(4) microphone and camera arms that can be mounted, adjusted, and repositioned completely without tools. The easy-turn handles make resetting and moving your microphone or camera simple, with all the power you need at your fingertips. Literally!

Compatible With Most Microphones & Cameras

Caster is the perfect companion for your Microphone or Camera! The 3/8” threaded mounting point is compatible with most USB and XLR mics on the market, and the included 5/8” and ¼” adapters opens Caster up to a variety of microphones and cameras weighing up to 2.2 pounds (1kg).
Easily reposition with smooth 360O rotation

Silent, Stable, Sturdy

Caster’s internal spring-assisted mechanism provides smooth and stable arm positioning, keeping your microphone or camera right where you need it. With a maximum reach up to 36.1 inches, Caster is a capable companion for any recording setup.
Built-in Cable Management

Clutter-free Cable Management

Say goodbye to the web of cables connecting your essential devices. Caster’s built-in cable management channels keep your microphone or camera connected while looking clean and organized. Two discreet sections hold USB or XLR cables in place while still allowing a full range of motion across your recording space.

(1) Capable of supporting microphones and cameras up to 2.2lbs
(2) XLR cable not included
(3) Microphone and Webcam not included
(4) Based on internal HyperX analysis of all microphone arms currently in the market as of 1/11/2024