Riot Games is gearing up to host the Teamfight Tactics Inkborn Fables Tactician’s Crown (formerly known as the Set Championship), a testament to the game's skyrocketing popularity among both casual players and the competitive scene. Following the hype of the Remix Rumble Championship, the Inkborn Fables Tactician's Crown is set to draw even more eyes, and we’re hoping to see more international tournaments soon.

Each set in TFT is unique, and Inkborn Fables is no exception, offering a distinct experience. Set 11, Inkborn Fables, transports players to a whimsical, painted world where magical ink seeps into the very fabric of the Convergence.

It introduces a variety of champions from myth and legend, including some new faces, such as the moon priestess Alune and the TFT-exclusive yordle, Kobuko. With unique traits and abilities, from Dragonlords to the enigmatic tattoo magic of Inkshadow, Inkborn Fables offers a rich tapestry of strategic combinations, allowing players to paint their path to victory with creativity and cunning (and occasionally, a Kobuko with Hedge Fund++, Heavy Hitters, and Big Gains).

Teamfight Tactics Tactician’s Crown Date

Crown the Legend | Teamfight Tactics Inkborn Fables

The newly dubbed Tactician's Crown will feature the latest set, Inkborn Fables. From July 12, 2024 to July 14, 2024, 32 top-tier players will clash for a hefty $150,000 first-place prize and be crowned the Inkborn Fables Champion. Prepare for a high-stakes, strategy-packed spectacle over three thrilling days.

Tactician’s Crown Prize Pool

With a total prize pool of 456,000, every player will share in the glory of the Tactician’s Crown. Even if fortune doesn’t favor your rolls, there’s still a reward for your efforts in striving to be the best TFT tactician.

Tactician’s Crown Format

The Garden of Greatness | Teamfight Tactics Inkborn Fables

Points are the name of the game in this tournament, with all players being eligible to earn points based on their results of each game: first place grabs 8 points and last place takes 1 point.

  • July 12, Day 1: All 32 players will be split into 4 lobbies, battling through 6 games with lobby shuffles every 2 games. No eliminations on Day 1—let the ink flow and strategies unfold.
  • July 13, Day 2: Players carry over their points from Day 1. They’ll again be split into 4 lobbies for 6 games, with the top 8 players advancing to Day 3, and getting a chance at earning the crown.
  • July 14, Day 3: The final day! The first player to hit 20 points and secure a first-place finish will be crowned the champion.

Tactician’s Crown Seeds

Each pan-region will send 8 contenders to the Tactician's Crown.

Where to Watch

Catch all the action live on the Teamfight Tactics' official Twitch and Youtube channels.

This tournament sets the stage for 32 players to flex their skills and strategies using the Inkborn Fables Set 11. Tune in to see who will rise to the top, cement their legacy and be crowned.