World Of Warships

World of Warships

World of Warships puts you in command of history's most iconic naval vessels, then sets you loose in massive multiplayer battles where cunning tactics, coordinated teamwork, and raw firepower win the day. From the monstruous Yamato to the nimble USS Fletcher, you can collect and customize over 600 battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers, submarines and destroyers with which to plot a course to victory on the high seas!

Console Rewards for World of Warships

Reward for New Players:
  • 1x Tier II Ship
  • 5x Days of Premium
  • 5x Promotional Order
  • 15x Anniversary Camouflage
  • 15x Type 4 Camouflage
  • 20x Rare Ship XP Booster
  • 20x Rare Credit Booster
  • 20x Rare Commander Booster
  • 20x Rare Global XP Booster
  • 20x Rare Battle Booster
  • 37000 Commander XP
Reward for Existing Players:
  • 1x Tier II Ship
  • 30x Type 4 Camouflage
  • 30x Common Battle Booster
  • 30x Rare Battle Booster
  1. New players can activate both codes.

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Redemption instructions:

- Go to the activation page:

- Enter your code in the box and click the 'Registration' button.

- Create your account and enjoy the game - your gifts will be delivered to your Port!

If you already have a WoWS account - click on Activation page button and follow the instructions.

Terms & Conditions of the Promotion*

* Only valid for orders of £75 or more through You will receive the code(s) on the email address you provided on your order.

The promotion starts on 27/03/2023at 11.00 GMT and the promotion ends on 27/04/2023 at 23.59 GMT.

One (1) code is awarded, while stock lasts, per qualifying HyperX order during the promotion period. Each code is valid for one-time use.

Code redemption is valid from March 27, 2023 through March 27, 2024.

The in-game items do not have a retail value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Please note that some of the items become available as players progress in the game. For full EULA, please go here: