Location: Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
Platform: PC
Favorite Games: DotA 2

One of the original titans of DotA 2, Dendi’s been part of the professional DotA 2 scene since 2010. He’s probably the first name that springs to mind when you mention DotA 2 midlaners. Danil’s first experience with the larger competitive gaming scene began when his brother got married and took the family PC with him, which meant that Danil now had to go to internet cafes to get his gaming in. He picked up Warcraft 3, and started winning a few local tournaments in Lviv.

He then discovered DotA, and developed an affinity for the game. He created a team, and after winning a tourney in Kiev, he was signed to Wolker.Gaming in 2006 and began his professional esports career at age 17. Success wasn’t far behind, and after a string of strong results, Dendi caught the eye of Natus Vincere, and signed with them in 2010.

Dendi anchored Na’Vi to a pretty strong 3-year run from 2011-2013, winning The International in 2011, and finishing as runner-up in 2012 and 2013. He’d built up quite a reputation for himself, and was featured in the Valve documentary film “Free to Play” as well as a pretty awesome HyperX video or two. After playing over 1500 games in a Na’Vi roster, Dendi departed the club, and in 2020, he formed his own squad, B8, which he is part owner of.

As someone who’s experienced all parts of the esports club scene, Dendi knows that having a reliable headset that you can count on to give you a clear line of communication with your team is essential gaming gear. That’s why he chooses to use HyperX. Only the legendary comfort of Cloud headsets will do for this legendary DotA 2 player.